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To enjoy the best glasses of wine and cocktails, you must know the top Saigon pubs. Below are the names that are most appreciated by wine connoisseurs both in terms of bartender skills and the quality of the bar space. Here are the best pubs in Saigon.

Natrix Bar

Natrix Bar is well known in Saigon nightlife circles with its reputation as one of the most beautiful bars in the city. When you step into the Natrix Bar, you will be really overwhelmed by the shimmer and luxury that this place has. The bar has a bar designed in an infinity style and placed in the middle of the space to create an extremely cozy and strange feeling.

The menu of Natrix Bar has a wide variety of different wines, imported from many countries around the world. You can order any cocktail you want because the bartenders here are all skilled and carefully selected. Natrix Bar is located in the center of District 1, near Walking Street, so it attracts many sophisticated Saigonese as well as foreign tourists.

Oslo Club

Oslo Club is known as one of the most fun bars in Ho Chi Minh City. There are always the most famous DJs in the industry and hot singers perform every weekend or holiday. Not only that, the shop also often invites famous DJs from abroad to stir up the atmosphere and create unforgettable nights for those who come here.

The space design of Oslo Club is also very impressive. They built the shop with a two-story connecting architecture creating a very spacious space, much more than their appearance. With a well-invested sound and light system from the third largest brand in the world, Oslo Club will surely bring you the most hearty breakfast and music parties.

The Oslo Club’s food and drink portfolio is also impressive. They have European, Asian and American style snacks. However, the price here is very affordable, so it attracts a lot of young people to have fun every weekend night.

PK Maltrom

The first is PK Maltrom – one of the top Saigon pubs. The space of the restaurant is cozy, intimate, and has a bit of nostalgia. Although not spacious, not ostentatious, this is a place for souls who want to find some silence in life. You can come here and enjoy fine whiskeys. PK Maltroom can make you feel as intimate as a friend. Because, the bartender always mixes the right cocktail, according to the customer’s request or mood at that moment.

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Rabbit Hole

The next Saigon pub we want to bring to you is Rabbit Hole. Located in the basement of a famous restaurant in the heart of District 1, Rabbit Hole opens up a spacious space with warm yellow light; with the alternating light and dark paintings bring a feeling of both mystery and attraction. The gentle melodious music makes the atmosphere of the shop even more profound, relieving the troubles of many young people when coming here. At Rabbit Hole, the bartenders are very enthusiastic, following customers’ requests or juggling to create a work or strange and unique drinks that suit each customer’s unique style.

The Iron Bank

The next name to appear on that list is The Iron Bank. Located on the first floor of a house in an old row of houses in the “banking quarter”, The Iron Bank creates a feeling of intimacy as soon as you step up the stairs decorated with small lights and beautiful potted plants. The bar is currently serving a variety of cocktails, divided into 3 outstanding categories. The first is New Money, which includes 20 cocktails that make up the bar’s own characteristics. The second is Old Money, which includes classic cocktails, familiar to connoisseurs. And if you want to enjoy a drink according to your mood, the bartender here will also be happy to make “your” cocktail right at the bar.

The Gin House

This pub is located in a small alley, so it’s a bit hard to find in District 1. One thing that attracts customers is that the space here is great. The interior of the restaurant is slightly inspired by speakeasy-style bars and pubs. Right at the entrance, the shop welcomed guests with a heavy wooden door and a mysterious red velvet curtain. The Gin House is currently in the top Saigon pubs that attract the most guests. When you come here, you definitely have to enjoy some home-made gin-flavored herbs or fruits. Besides, the bar’s signature cocktails mixed with gin are also very unique.

Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar

This is one of the Saigon pubs that have existed for a long time. Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar is designed with a combination of wood and tempered glass, because this will make you feel that when you come here, you will be spoiled for watching Saigon lights up at night. Cloud 9 does not have a professional DJ setup like other places, but with the characteristic melodious music here, it will definitely bring you lightness, comfort and relaxation after stressful working hours. Its drinks are among the top pubs in Saigon with the best drinks. One thing is that the drinks have a fairly high concentration, so if you want to go to Cloud 9, you should reconsider your alcohol intake.

The View Rooftop Bar

The View Rooftop Bar is known as one of the famous pubs in Saigon. This pub has an extremely beautiful view along with an open, spacious and airy space. In addition, the restaurant is also highly appreciated by many people for the quality of food and drinks. The menu of this restaurant is also very diverse from Asian dishes. They even have street food that few other pubs have. The staff of The View Rooftop Bar are very cute and hospitable.

Lux Sky Lounge

Lux Sky Lounge is a typical bar for a Saigon pub with the ideal music space and music system for many young people who love the hip-hop genre. If you are wondering what to do, where to go every Thursday night, don’t worry, come to Lux Sky Lounge. One thing is for sure, you will be immersed in an unprecedented bustling atmosphere. More than ever, you will meet the hottest stars in the Vietnamese music world.

With the top Saigon pubs above, you will get the most exciting Saigon nightlife experience. These addresses have been familiar to most players in Ho Chi Minh City and highly appreciated, so you have nothing to worry about in terms of their quality.