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A fun night in Saigon always happens at the top Saigon clubs, which are the number one destinations for the city’s nightlife people. The names below are sure to please all who are looking for a night party experience in this magnificent city.

Oslo Club

Going to a club is to have fun, but in Saigon, there are few clubs as fun as Oslo. This club is considered as one of the best entertainment places in Saigon. That’s because they’re always up to date on the most popular DJs, both locally and abroad. Thanks to that, the nightly weekend parties in Oslo are always full of energy, extremely fiery and extremely attractive. Not only that, this Saigon top club also very often organizes unique and attractive entertainment programs and events. For example, choose lucky customers every night with cash prizes up to 100 million VND; or women’s nights and one lucky person will be given bags from famous brands in the world. Oslo’s sound and light system is invested and equipped to the teeth. You will experience the best and most luxurious royal parties in Saigon when coming to Oslo.

Natrix Bar

If you want to find yourself a new, luxurious and aristocratic nightclub experience, try visiting Natrix. This is one of the most luxurious and classy clubs in Saigon today. Once you set foot inside, you can see how luxurious and noble it is. The bar is placed in the middle, designed with infinity style, creating a very new feeling that you have never seen anywhere. There is also a dance floor with a friend to hang out. The artists performing at the Natrix are all invited from abroad. They play in an open format, which means each night has a different style of music. This helps customers always have a new experience whether you are a regular customer or new to Natrix for the first time.

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Canalis Club

Referring to the famous clubs in Saigon, no one is unaware of Canalis Club. This is a famous club and attracts a lot of visitors to entertain and relax. The restaurant has an extremely spacious space with a capacity of up to hundreds of people. Canalis Club with a terrible light and sound system, promises to bring visitors an extremely quality light party. And more specifically, the DJ playing the music of this club is always famous and loved by many tourists. Although it is a fairly old club, Canalis Club is always the first choice of young people. Canalis Club is sure to be a great weekend entertainment place for you.

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Chill Skybar

As the name suggests, Chill Skybar is a club in Saigon located in a very chill space – right on the rooftop of the AB tower building. This building is located right in the middle of the bustling and bustling district 1. Chill Skybar is divided into many different areas such as restaurant area, cool space area, non-smoking area. Especially, in the evening, coming to this place, you can stand in a shimmering place from above to admire a shimmering Saigon below.

When night falls, the sound of light and the red and blue lights begin to emerge. That’s when the fun begins, the moment when everyone with a fervent spirit mixes with the music and “dances” to their best. What’s better than that! Not only has a beautiful and ideal space, this place also serves super delicious cocktails and quality food. Chill Skybar promises to be a great entertainment spot for friends.


If you want to experience the bar space with unique and extremely attractive lighting, you cannot ignore Barocco Club. The light in this club has a beautiful deep red tone and is not confused with any other clubs. This club has a small stage, surrounded by tables for visitors to enjoy music and delicious and cool drinks. The top-notch sound system of this club is also a plus point to create an extremely attractive space for young people in Saigon. Barocco promises to be an extremely attractive entertainment and entertainment place for you in Saigon!

Republic club

To mention the famous club in Saigon, you cannot ignore Republic Club. This is a very popular club among young Saigonese. With a large space and a stage in the middle of the bar, modern lighting and quality sound, Republic Club promises to bring you moments of “chill” and extreme relaxation. More specifically, the shop also has quality DJs and dancers who know how to make the atmosphere lively and full of excitement. Not only the amazing music space, the drinks at this CLub are also delicious because they are prepared by talented and professional bartenders. Although they are delicious, the price of drinks here is also quite affordable!


Located on Bui Vien Street, one of the most famous nightlife streets in Saigon, Boheme is a familiar destination for young people every night to talk and relax with friends. As a rather small club, Boheme has not lost its charm because of that. It has very vibrant sounds, lights and a very lively atmosphere. Professional DJs can play whatever rock music the guests want. Not only that, the bar also serves draft beer or delicious cocktails. Surely Boheme is a great entertainment destination for you after stressful days of studying and working.

Qui Lounge

If you are a lover of the excitement and like the bustling atmosphere in the clubs, surely you cannot ignore Qui Lounge, a very popular club located on Le Thanh Ton street. Qui Lounge is located in the center of District 1, so it attracts a lot of “players” to come and hang out. This club is always crowded, so you should book a table in advance if you go with many people. This place has dim lights, bringing a sense of excitement, excitement and enthusiasm. Not only that, the club’s drinks must be said to be excellent because they are prepared by professional bartenders. In the jubilant and bustling atmosphere at Qui Lounge, you will surely have moments of “chill” relaxation.


The names above are the ones most deserving of the title of the top Saigon clubs. If you’re looking for a great night out with friends and loved ones, there are no better places.

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